IMPORTANT: after making your payment, please send me an email to with your NAME, BIRTH DATA (DATE, DAY, TIME AND PLACE) city where you currently reside, plus your questions and concerns. You can search for your birth certificate if you are not sure of the time you were born. In the next three business days I send you in writing all the corresponding analysis of your natal chart and predictions to your email.

Remember that the more specific and detailed you are in describing your concerns, the better analysis can be made of the situation for your own benefit.

By studying and interpreting your birth chart, you can know yourself, know what your talents are to exploit and weaknesses to improve, the direction that you should choose in life to maximize your opportunities and achievements for the future. You can get answers to concerns or uncertainties, giving you tools and options that respond to your difficulties. The astrological view gives you certainty and help you take things from another point of view.

Where to aim? Will it improve my work situation? Will I have opportunities? What will my economic situation be like?  In the studies? Will I meet my partner? Will I get divorced? Timing for relationships. 

IMPORTANT: regardless of the study you prefer, you must make it clear to me what your current life situation is and your concerns, what you want to know to a greater extent, in order to give you more details. The same if there is a problem, specify it (whether physical, psychological, fears, etc).

Payment method:


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I offer three options of consultation for you:

1. SOLAR RETURN: Interpretation of your solar return, that is, predictions for this year and the next, events that come in different areas of your life (love, partner, money, work, proyects) with different predictive techniques, and how to act before them, way forward. Opportunities and precautions.

Price: USD $ 20.

2. NATAL CHART AND SOLAR RETURN: In addition to the study of your solar return and predictions for the coming years, I add the study of your natal chart, natural talents to take advantage of, weaknesses to improve, destiny of life, what you should look for and aim for achieve personal satisfaction and well-being in your life, according to the study of your natal chart

Price: USD $ 40.